AM50 Bus Catalytic Arch Dryer is the best choice of bus body drying if you are looking for mass productivity and high efficiency.It has 10 powerful gas catalytic panels. The panels are arranged in two zones – left and right – that can be individually activated depending on the repair. The Arch AM50 can dry almost any part of various brand bus or displaced parts. Operation is easy, 1-2 hours training is enough. It can be built in a paint booth or out of booth.


Fast Curing

It makes 1-3 passes in order to dry paint, most primer, basecoat, clearcoat 1-2 passes is sufficient, just a few clearcoats need a third pass to ensure complete dryness. The drying speed of first pass is 15mm / s, and that of second pass is 20mm / s.

Laser Temperature Control Sensor

The Arch features a laser sensor for dynamic temperature detection on the lamp unit. During the drying process, the paint surface temperature can be measured at any time, and the drying temperature can be adjusted and verified at any time to ensure the drying quality.

Energy-saving and environmental

It saves 50% of gas consumption than conventional spray booth, and saves 70% of energy cost compared with electric drying system. The emissions are only water vapor and carbon dioxide.

PLC automatic control system

After the program is selected and started, there is no need for human operation in the whole process. After the drying is completed, Arch will prompt. Reduce 50% of the workload of the workers.