AM30 RunnerDry Mobile Catalytic IR Dryer is ideal for drying complete panel. It adopts advanced catalytic technology, using natural gas and LPG as its power. It has two catalytic IR emitting panels, which can cover the whole panel through automatic movement. Dry clear coat in as little as 4-5mins, efficiency is 5 times quicker than traditional drying. With the mobile catalytic IR Dryer, the use frequency of the spray booth is greatly reduced, which not only improves the working effificiency massively, but also has signifificantly less energy cost.


5times quicker

Advanced catalytic technology.

Body filer 50-60s; Primer 3-4mins; Waterborne 3mins; Clear coat 4-8mins.

70%energy savings

Save 70% on energy costs compared to electric curing lamp, and the emissions are only water vapor and carbon dioxide.

1.5*1.6m curing area, can cure doors, hoods, fenders...

PLC automatic control system, click and go