AutoMind Car Skate system can facilitate the movement of vehicles within the bodyshop, allowing a sideways motion of the vehicles through the multiple stages of the refinishing process, they can be integrated with prep bays, spraybooths and polishing bays for a seamless flow. It can improve productivity and maximize shop space, eliminating the need to drive vehicles into the paint Booth or from one workstation to another!



Car Skate System consists of:

- 4* Car skate per bay;

- 5* track per bay as standard (6*track due to the different length of vehicle)

- 2 models of tracks: in-floor and on-floor (Choose according to the installation)

- Trolley for Car Skate storage


Moving Performance

One technician can move a vehicle by pushing it easily on Car Skate Sliding System. Car Skate system uses the wheel and track of special materials, the point of contact between them is very small, reducing the friction to a minimum, so one technician can move the vehicle using little effort.

Aluminum Plate

The plate is extruded with a special aluminum alloy, which has the advantages of high strength, light weight, large load, small deformation, etc, the plate permits a deformation of only within 2 mm under vehicle load, but always returns to the original shape with no permanent deformation after vehicle leaves.

Plastic Ramps

There are two plastic connectors for each plate with specific geometry, which are constructed from special elastic plastic. The plastic connectors on both sides of the plate are mainly used as transition aids to make the vehicle wheels move effortlessly from the ground up to the plate; Special plastic material allows the plastic ramp to flex toward the floor to facilitate the car wheel moving onto the plate and then returning to its original position.

Track system

There are two kinds of tracks according to the installation position and mode: In-floor track and On-floor track. In-floor track is constructed from a metal section with a specific design and is installed inside the floor level. They can also be installed inside the grid of the spray booth and the preparation bay; On-floor track is also constructed from a metal section with a specific design and are easily installed on the floor and secured with expansion bolts, there are gentle slopes on both sides of the track, which will not affect the passing of wheels and pedestrians.

Trolley for Car Skate Storage

According to the special design of the Car Skate structure, the trolley is made of metal, simple in structure, light in movement and strong in bearing capacity. It can transport 12pcs Car Skate at a time. Reduce the time and energy for technicians to move and use the Car Skate.