The Smart Oven, 4*2meters, is the ideal solution for drying single panels(Car door, bumpers,hood, trunk, etc.) on stands. It adopts advanced and efficient catalytic infrared technology and uses natural gas or LPG as energy source to dry paint and takes no more than 15 minutes to dry all loaded parts. It has 4 catalytic emitting panels, the walls, floor and ceiling inside is reflective metal sheeting that creates a dual benefit of hot air and radiant waves. Easy to use and install.


Quick drying, dry all loaded parts in 12-15mins

  • Advanced Catalytic Technology.
  • Drying time of color coat and clear coat is 10-15 minutes or 8 minutes if using fast clear for miscellaneous parts.

Hold 4-6pcs panels at a time

PLC Computer system

  • Select one of the drying programs or set the time and temperature to dry the parts.
  • Put the panel into the Oven and press the start button.
  • The oven works automatically with regard to the drying parameters selected.
  • Prompt goes when job is finished.

Small Size

The external dimension is 4000 × 2000 × 2300mm, less than 1 / 3 of the ordinary spray booth

70% Energy saving

It is only 1/5 of the energy cost of electric drying. There are air ventilation system and exhaust gas filtration system inside.